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How History Will Remember Trump

I stopped blogging about two years ago. I’m not restarting now, but I got into blogging in the first place because I frequently had a perspective that the media ignored, and, right now, when it comes to the election, much … Continue reading

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Boom! Same-sex Marriage Supporters Come Out Swinging

The supporters of same-sex marriage filed their first brief in Hollingsworth v. Perry (the Proposition 8 case) today. The introduction of the brief is about as confrontational as Supreme Court briefs get. Here it is: This case is about marriage, “the most … Continue reading

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Election Prediction

My prediction for the results of the 2012 electoral college: President Obama: 332 Mitt Romney: 206 Here is a link to my map: 2012 Presidential Election: Electoral Map.

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President Obama’s Economic Report Card

In many ways, this election is about President Obama’s handling of the economy over the past four years. There are few sources better qualified to evaluate that job than The Economist, which recently issued a report card:       … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court: Not Partisan, But Out of Touch

In light of the pending Obamacare decision by the Supreme Court, which is due in the next few weeks, cries of partisanship on the Court are as common as Romney flip-flops. The exasperated cries of some journalists (no doubt emboldened … Continue reading

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Is the Supreme Court Partisan? Should Al Gore Have Been President?

I get the sense that many casual observers of the Supreme Court have the impression that there are four Democrats, four Republicans and one swing voter who leans Republican on the court right now. According to this view, if a … Continue reading

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You’re Damn Right Obama Should Campaign on Killing Osama bin Laden

Politics blows me away sometimes. I just wrote a post about all of the inaccurate and improper assertions that are being made by both presidential campaigns. The day after writing that post, I encounter a flurry of stories in the … Continue reading

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The False Arguments of the 2012 Election

With the Republican nominee determined, both parties have commenced posturing for the November election.  Unfortunately, presidential elections are more about manipulating the American people than they are about actual issues. In future posts, I will discuss some of the real, … Continue reading

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The Obamacare Case is Not About Liberty

Many commentators frame the constitutional question in Obamacare as one of liberty: “Can the government force citizens to buy things they don’t want?” “Is that power infinite?” “Could the government force a person to buy broccoli?” “What about a gym … Continue reading

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The Core Controversy Over Obamacare

While reading the transcript of the oral arguments before the Supreme Court in the Obamacare case I realized that I misunderstood something fundamental about the collective American psyche. It has to do with the principle of federalism. My formal education—of … Continue reading

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