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when fear takes over

“It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.” –Mark Twain In 2003, Abdullah al-Kidd, a native-born United States citizen, was arrested by the FBI. He was detained for 16 days … Continue reading

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what are you afraid of?

When it comes to terrorism, what are you afraid of? In a 2002 episode of The West Wing, Leo, the President’s Chief of Staff, gave this answer: It’s that I don’t know what winning looks like. What does it look … Continue reading

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This blog was created in part to combat the surprisingly prevalent notion that the world’s most difficult problems have simple and easy solutions. Susan Brooks Thislethwaite of the Washington Post has provided a perfect example with this recent blog post. … Continue reading

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a toast

Confidence. America’s greatest strength has always been its confidence. When it was absurd to think that a colony could declare independence from the greatest naval empire in history, we did it and won. When tyranny swept through Europe and Asia, … Continue reading

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