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How History Will Remember Trump

I stopped blogging about two years ago. I’m not restarting now, but I got into blogging in the first place because I frequently had a perspective that the media ignored, and, right now, when it comes to the election, much … Continue reading

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What Went Wrong in Ferguson: a Lawyer’s Perspective

Something went wrong with the legal system in Ferguson. Most of the frustration does not seem to be directed at the grand jury itself; those 12 people had to make a tough call when confronted with a lot of conflicting … Continue reading

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“So You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance!” – Why the Government Shut Down

Let’s start with this principle: it is generally bad for the United States to shut down the government. That’s fair to say, right? So, anyone who advocates shutting down the government ought to have a good reason for doing it, … Continue reading

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