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How History Will Remember Trump

I stopped blogging about two years ago. I’m not restarting now, but I got into blogging in the first place because I frequently had a perspective that the media ignored, and, right now, when it comes to the election, much … Continue reading

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69th Post! Where do we go from here?

For over a month, the Republican party has been forced to confront the one thing they feared most from this election season: Failure. Although somewhat taken out of context, comments by Mitch McConnel became a rallying cry for both parties. … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Economic Report Card

In many ways, this election is about President Obama’s handling of the economy over the past four years. There are few sources better qualified to evaluate that job than The Economist, which recently issued a report card:       … Continue reading

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You’re Damn Right Obama Should Campaign on Killing Osama bin Laden

Politics blows me away sometimes. I just wrote a post about all of the inaccurate and improper assertions that are being made by both presidential campaigns. The day after writing that post, I encounter a flurry of stories in the … Continue reading

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The False Arguments of the 2012 Election

With the Republican nominee determined, both parties have commenced posturing for the November election.  Unfortunately, presidential elections are more about manipulating the American people than they are about actual issues. In future posts, I will discuss some of the real, … Continue reading

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The Obamacare Case is Not About Liberty

Many commentators frame the constitutional question in Obamacare as one of liberty: “Can the government force citizens to buy things they don’t want?” “Is that power infinite?” “Could the government force a person to buy broccoli?” “What about a gym … Continue reading

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Presidential Candidates as WWE Wrestlers

Given the lack of content on this blog now that the primary author has taken a job at a firm with only 1 desk in the entire office (they all have to share, I haven’t seen it but I imagine … Continue reading

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the villains of the Obama presidency

Democrats are criticizing President Obama these days nearly as much as Republicans. In this New York Times editorial, Drew Westen sums up the reasons why many liberals are angry. Westen offers the following observation as a way of summarizing his … Continue reading

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the difference between Obama and Pelosi

As I explained here, most media sources falsely characterized the debt ceiling bill as a loss for President Obama. The American public seems to have swallowed that analysis hook, line and sinker. The question is, why? It is easy to … Continue reading

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did Obama lose the debt ceiling debate?

Much of the media believes that President Obama has emerged “the loser” of the debt ceiling negotiations. Although that might be the simplest (and therefore easiest) conclusion to sell to the public, it is not accurate. Let’s consider the opening … Continue reading

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