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How History Will Remember Trump

I stopped blogging about two years ago. I’m not restarting now, but I got into blogging in the first place because I frequently had a perspective that the media ignored, and, right now, when it comes to the election, much … Continue reading

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In Richard Sherman Controversy, Race Matters

Today, we honor the birth of Dr. King. Since I began blogging, I have written an annual post designed (in a small but hopefully significant way) to further discussions about race. I had planned to write a piece about the … Continue reading

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69th Post! Where do we go from here?

For over a month, the Republican party has been forced to confront the one thing they feared most from this election season: Failure. Although somewhat taken out of context, comments by Mitch McConnel became a rallying cry for both parties. … Continue reading

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A hastily written movie review, Final Destination 5

First, I need to credit Shoes with the idea for this series of posts. Good work dude. Ok, now on to the movie review. I’ve elected to review the movie Final Destination 5 because A) It just came out, and … Continue reading

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walmart gender discrimination result

In May, I predicted that the Supreme Court would decide the Walmart case 5-4 in favor of Walmart and that a sexism outcry would ensue. I got the result right, as the four conservative justices plus the conservative-leaning swing vote, … Continue reading

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casey anthony absurdity

As everyone with a TV, computer or ears has heard, Casey Anthony was acquitted of charges of murdering her young daughter. I did not follow the trial. Place me in the camp that believes that there are hundreds of other … Continue reading

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