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did Obama lose the debt ceiling debate?

Much of the media believes that President Obama has emerged “the loser” of the debt ceiling negotiations. Although that might be the simplest (and therefore easiest) conclusion to sell to the public, it is not accurate. Let’s consider the opening … Continue reading

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the debt deal will create a new deficit battle this november

The debt deal that President Obama announced last night will do some good things (assuming it passes). It will raise the debt limit by enough to guarantee that the US will not default on its debt in the next couple … Continue reading

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the republicans are wrong about the debt limit

Republicans in Congress refuse to allow any revenue increases to be included in a plan to reduce the deficit and raise the debt limit. They are wrong. Republicans recently conducted a study on how to best reduce deficits. It found … Continue reading

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indulgence tax

Obama and Congress are currently looking everywhere they can think of to find money to fix the budget deficit. I even heard that security has to keep chasing Joe Lieberman off of the Capital Hill lawn because he keeps trying … Continue reading

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