2012 power rankings–6/18/11

In this installment, Romney and Bachman win a debate, and Rick Perry comes out of nowhere. Enjoy.

  1. Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts. According to a recent poll, half of all Republicans would prefer a candidate that can beat Obama to one that agrees with them on the issues. That is good news for Romney. Even though his opponents are not attacking him on healthcare yet, they will eventually.
  2. Rick Perry, Governor of Texas. Up to this point, Perry has said that he is not running. However, the campaign team that he had loaned Newt Gingrich recently quit the Gingrich campaign and returned to Perry’s side. Texas is doing extremely well economically, and it has no income tax. If Perry jumps in, he will be tough to beat.
  3. Michelle Bachman, Representative from Minnesota. Most commentators called Bachman the co-winner of the second debate. At that debate, she announced that she was running, and she didn’t appear in over her head. The bar for Bachman is pretty low right now, since anything she does that makes her look better than Sarah Palin (such as paying attention to the news) makes her look good. The real test will come when the public raises the bar.
  4. Tim Pawlenty, former Governor of Minnesota. Pawlenty must attack Romney if he wants to win the nomination. Days before the debate, he did soon Fox News, smartly coining the term “Obamneycare.” Pawlenty then collapsed at the debate.
    Babcock Death Stare

    Babcock Death Stare

    When asked about it, and with Romney staring him down like Mike Babcock stares down officials, Pawlenty wouldn’t stand by the comment. One reporter called Pawlenty a “boiled noodle.” Needless to say, Republicans do not prefer to nominate boiled noodles.

  5. Herman Cain, businessman. Cain’s poll numbers remain strong. However, he shot himself in the foot recently over some comments about Muslims. There will be some racists who appreciate those comments, but they make him less electable in the long run.
  6. Jon Huntsman, former Ambassador to China (under Obama) and former Governor of Utah. Nobody knows whether Huntsman will run. If he does, he certainly has the résumé to win. He might be too centrist to win the nomination. However, he should be happy with the results of the same poll that Romney is happy about.
  7. Ron Paul, Representative from Texas. Ron Paul is entertaining. You have to give him that. He is also consistent. Too bad he chose poor causes to consistently advocate (such as demolishing the Federal Reserve).
  8. Rick Santorum, former Senator from Pennsylvania. Does anybody else think Santorum looks a bit like Pawlenty? Perhaps some voters will mistake the two and vote for Santorum. That is probably his best chance.
  9. Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House. Shortly before the debate, most of Newt’s campaign team quit. That campaign was fun while it lasted.
  10. Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico. Johnson was not able to convince CNN to let him into the debate (because he is irrelevant). In a sad attempt to make up for that, he pretended that he was in the debate by answering every question on YouTube.
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