a toast


America’s greatest strength has always been its confidence. When it was absurd to think that a colony could declare independence from the greatest naval empire in history, we did it and won. When tyranny swept through Europe and Asia, we took Normandy beach (possibly the most readily defensible position ever taken) and in a matter of a few years developed nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. When the Soviets put a satellite in orbit, we planted our flag on the moon.

This past weekend saw massive celebrations at Westminster Abbey and at the White House. The Brits celebrated the great tradition of their royal family. The Americans celebrated the killing of Osama bin Laden. The Brits celebrated their past. The Americans celebrated their present.

Because of our confidence, grit and determination, we continue to put wins on the board. The credit for our most recent win goes to two ideologically opposite presidents, the military, intelligence services and the State Department. Four years ago, US intelligence services learned the name of bin Laden’s courier. Two years ago, they learned of the courier’s rough location. Last August, they pinpointed the courier’s location and determined that bin Laden was also probably there. A US special ops. unit went into a suburb of Islamabad via helicopter, killed bin Laden in a firefight and took his body out of Pakistan while suffering no US casualties and without allowing a single media source to learn what happened. And that is not even the most impressive part. Pakistan is a country whose people loath the idea of US forces operating on their soil. Yet, the State Department managed to convince the Pakistani government to publicly express cautious support for the operation.

Anybody think that China has the capacity to post a win like that?

That is what makes America different: our willingness to put our chips on the table and win big hands. When pirates take ships belonging to other countries, ransoms are paid, and the ships are returned. When pirates take American ships, the pirates get shot in the head by Navy snipers from hundreds of yards away on a rolling ocean.

A good friend of mine, DeMark, is a State Department official stationed in Brazzaville, ROC. This is what the Congolese say about Americans:

“When Congolese see a monster, we run away. When Americans see a monster, they run to it to see what it is. I think that’s why America is the greatest nation in the world.”

Here’s to a victory for the United States of America.


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  1. Keri says:

    Well said.

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